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FRENCH REBELLION is an incubator for new talents, an international lab for brand development and so much more...

FRENCH REBELLION is an incubator for new talents across the fashion, arts, beauty, and music industries; an international lab for brand development and market establishment. French Rebellion was founded in 2014 by three friends, Julia Simon, Murielle Bourdette-Menaut and Stéphane Dago (three French) as a way of helping new talent create their international brand identity and look beyond their borders.

In January 2014, the “tribe" decided to begin building a concept to successfully introduce twenty French fashion designers to the US Market through a marketing section at the Coterie trade show. What began as a single strategic sales offer to French fashion designers is now a full-fledged service; with fashion sales and public relations services, promotion of international music labels, events production, and strategic consulting.

Taking its name from the will to change the French classic business technics and integrate some Anglo-Saxon spirit into it, French Rebellion is designed to break preconceived ideas and offer a practical solution to new talents to see their brand grow internationally. Mixing the worlds of fashion, art, music and beauty, French Rebellion creates an overall experience with individualized and unique scenarios for each project as well as global solution for talents with a dedicated team of professionals in terms of sales, public relations, and marketing.
The Tribe

- Target market
- Pricing strategy
- Identify top twenty-five retailers
- End of season analysis

- Production of a designated section
- Collecting and organizing collections
- Facilitating a collaboration and partnership
- Providing an experienced and multilingual sales team
- Scheduling appointments with retailers
- Showroom sales services year-round

- Brand Integration
- Shop in the shop
- Co-branding
- Brand Development

- Fashion & Accessories
- Consumer Life style
- Corporate
- Talents
- Celebrity Relations
- Blogger Relations
- Outreach

- Special Events
- Product Launches
- Collection Launches
- Venue Grand Openings
- Fashion Shows / Presentations

- Social Media
- Mobile Marketing
- Online Content Creation

- Capsule collections
- Specific collaborations with bloggers/influencers



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